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The colour chosen will compliment your hair colour and complexion. Eyebrows will appear fuller and more defined enhancing the natural shape of your brow. Choices are based on the look you wish to achieve.


Lip Liner

Lip liner helps accentuate and define your lips, enhancing the shape and even correcting uneven lip contours. A semi permanent lip line can also prevent the bleeding of lip sticks.



Eyeliner is applied to the lash line (upper and lower) to make eyelashes look fuller and to add definition to the eyes. A natural looking fine line or a darker more dramatic look can be achieved-the choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does semi permanent makeup last? 
The treatment is permanent. It will not wash off. However, it will soften with age and may need to be retouched in 2 to 5 years.

Q. What colours are available? 
Select from more than 10 natural tones or I can blend your own unique colour.

Q. Does the procedure hurt?
Comfort levels vary from person to person. The benefits far outweigh the discomfort you may experience in this medically safe procedure. I also use a topical anaesthetic cream for numbing.

Q. Is it safe?
Yes, the procedure is done under strict sterilization rules. A well trained, certified technician administers the procedure using pre sterilized disposable equipment.



Eye Liner............£295


Lip Liner..............£295

Any 2 areas.........£550

Any 3 areas.........£800

Semi Permanent Make up

An Introduction

Since 2003, Marianna has been carrying out semi permanent make up procedures in and around the Waveney area. She has been in the industry for over 10 years, priding herself in her skill and professionalism.

Now Marianna is pleased to be offering the art of micro pigmentation at Black Sheep Tattoo and Piercing Studio working alongside Marty and the rest of the team!

Semi permanent make up can accentuate and improve the definition of eyes, eyebrows and lips. This medically developed procedure is a method of implanting colour pigment into the skin to create lasting cosmetic effects and aesthetics. Semi permanent make up can be as soft or dramatic as you like.


Why use Semi permanent Makeup?

*Semi permanent makeup gives you the option to enhance your natural features or to create a dramatic effect...the choice is yours.

*For the busy woman-on-the-go, semi permanent makeup saves time and money whilst giving a glamorous look without the hassle of applying makeup daily.

*It is ideal for women who are allergic to currently available cosmetics, certain brands maybe irritating to eyes and facial skin.

*It’s also ideal for women with poor eyesight, unsteady hands and other disabilities that make it difficult or impossible to apply makeup properly. Now you can look your best all day, every day.

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